About Us

The company literally began by two people following their passion. Patricia had planned to enter law school after graduation from UCLA. Dan went into the lumber business. But their passion was building and design, which they always did for themselves. Dan and Patricia couldn't buy a home without remodeling it. One day a friend asked Dan and Patricia to build for them. Dan and Patricia replied they could not legally build for someone else because they didn't have a license. Dan and Patricia had always been owner-builder. The friend said, 'So go get one!' So Dan and Patricia did, and that is how they became professional builders. That was over 42 years ago!

How We Are Different

  • We LOVE what we do
  • We are innovators
  • Our employees
  • Our subcontractors
  • Meticulous record-keeping and open-book project accounting
  • Total perfectionism and unsurpassed attention to detail
  • Service above and beyond - before, during and after construction
  • In-house interior design services

Our Ultimate Goal

We want all clients to be estactic with their home and look back at the process and say, 'It was fun, and the results went beyond our highest expectations.'


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Hilton Builders

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